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Ghibli Japan

Studio Ghibli Discord dedicated to the magic of Ghibli and making friends! Whether you're a spirited adventurer like Chihiro, a nature lover like Princess Mononoke, or a dreamer soaring through the skies with Howl, you've found your way to the magical haven dedicated to all things Ghibli. Classics.

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What to do here

Ghibli Japan offers a haven for spirited conversations, Japanese Anime & Manga, food-cooking, arts, music, and much more. Join us on this extraordinary journey, as we celebrate the timeless beauty, captivating storytelling, and profound messages that have made Studio Ghibli films beloved by generations around the globe.

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    Make ever-lasting friendships

    Find people to chat with! Whether it'd be a general day in the life, a show that you watched, or your favourite Ghibli film, there's people who are interested!

  • Engagement

    Listen in the Studio Ghibli radio

    Tune into our Studio Ghibli Radio feature all of the soundtracks and relaing piano and other instrumental covers from Studio Ghibli!

  • Listening Party

    Settle into a movie night

    We host Studio Ghibli and other similar 90s Animes every week and it has become such as fun event to do and enjoyed by many!

What Our Members Have To Say!

We value kindness, respect, and inclusivity above all else, and we're committed to creating a welcoming and supportive space for everyone.

  • "I like that most people are kind and respectful, and you can make some nice friends!"

  • "I love this server! Talking to the ghibli community was heartwarming and relatable"

  • "Mhh i like the fact that most people are mature, we can talk about anything without being judged, it’s a safe place"

  • "Top tier people and an amazing place to make friends!"

What We Do

Studio Ghibli makes charming, heartwarming stories come to life through beautiful animations. These films enchant children and adults alike, making fans want to return to Hayao Miyazaki's legendary worlds time and time again to relive the plot and journey alongside the well-structured characters. Studio Ghibli revolutionized not only the way animated movies were made in Japan but also how they were perceived by audiences. As the largest Studio Ghibli community, we want to keep inspiring and preserving the legacy of Studio Ghibli from generations to generations, as it is such a meaningful thing that you cannot miss in life.

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    So Join the Discord Server!

    So pull up a chair, grab some snacks, and settle in for some spirited discussions and friendly debates. We can't wait to get to know you and share our love for Studio Ghibli with you.

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